A Guide to Padel Court Installation

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Originating in Mexico in the late 1960’s, padel, also known as padel tennis, has emerged as one of the fastest-rising sports in Europe. Now with an estimated 25 million players in over 90 countries (source FIP International Padel Federation), its popularity shows no signs of waning. In our guide to padel court installation, we explain the distinct features of a padel court, the material, surfacing, colour options and more.

What is Padel?

Padel is a racquet sport best described as a mixture of tennis and squash. It shares a similar points system to tennis but is played on an enclosed, cage-like court around a third of the size, using distinctive composite racquets without strings. It is a game that lends itself more to strategy than strength and is suitable for all ages and ability levels. Played in doubles, the smaller game area makes it more intimate than traditional tennis, the social aspect of the game being one of its main draws for people wanting to keep fit whilst having fun.

The Main Features of a Padel Court

Traditional padel courts are 20M long and 10M wide, with a middle net dividing the court in half (with doors at both ends). The whole court is enclosed by walls constructed with a mixture of glass and mesh. These walls act as ‘bounce boards’ that strategic players can use to gain traction over opponents. The enclosed court is 3M in height, except for the far ends, which are usually an extra metre in height and made of metal fencing.

What Are the Surfacing Options of a Padel Court?

Artificial grass is a very popular option for a padel court due to its extreme durability. Its high tolerance for ball impact and heavy footfall makes it the preferred surface of choice for outdoor padel courts. Alternatively, indoor resin/acrylic courts provide a smooth surface, perfect for bouncing a ball and consistent gameplay.

What Colour Options Are Available for a Padel Court?

We design and install padel courts in the standard colours of blue and red, intricately detailed with all the game markings.

What is a Panoramic Padel Court?

Designed to make playing areas brighter and wider for spectators, a panoramic padel court features smaller plexiglass or steel hooks instead of back window central carriers. Generally featured in tournaments and professional settings, panoramic courts are a popular way to remove any obstruction and make watching padel a more immersive experience.

Can a Padel Court be Temporary?

Yes! Temporary padel courts are all the rage at sports clubs and benefit from being portable and eco-friendly. These courts are ideal if you do not want the increased costs of a permanent structure, for example, if you are only leasing the land.

Final Thoughts

We hope our guide to padel court installation has given you an insight into the wonderful world of the sport. Remember, the team here at MW Supplies design and install padel courts to the highest standards so you can share in a game loved by millions. Speak to our team today to see how we can help.



Case Studies


Residential driveway installed

A residential driveway installed, using a granite edging and darker grey granite colour resin bound gravel drive.  The area around the drive was landscaped using

Surface works 3

New MUGA at Hatfield School

A new land way drainage system installed first, to direct any surplus water away from new surface.  With a new mesh fencing surround, in preparation