Residential site in Wandsworth, London

MW Supplies crane

Various works carried out at Residential site in Wandsworth, London for this project.  Demolition of rear exteriors to 6 terraced properties, new extensions installed giving a more useful plan for space and layout of properties, drainage solutions to basements including a pumping station, rebuilding the internal basement floors ensuring that they are restored for new residents. Hard landscaping outside of properties completed. Overall project took just over 1 year.



Case Studies


Residential driveway installed

A residential driveway installed, using a granite edging and darker grey granite colour resin bound gravel drive.  The area around the drive was landscaped using

Surface works 3

New MUGA at Hatfield School

A new land way drainage system installed first, to direct any surplus water away from new surface.  With a new mesh fencing surround, in preparation